About BVDZ

“The mathematical sciences particularly exhibit order, symmetry, and limitation; and these are the greatest forms of the beautiful.” The words of Aristotle, the great Greek philosopher and scientist ring true when explaining the inspiration behind Barbara van der Zanden. The mathematical influences you see hark back to the days when Barbara was a scientist pursuing logic and reason. With a degree in physics she is able to combine her wealth of scientific knowledge with her ever-evolving tailoring skills to give us a glimpse of how the art of science is omnipresent in fashion.

Barbara van der Zanden founded her label BvdZ in 2007, and ended her career in science a few months later.

Barbara still holds on to the idealist inside her. The garments Barbara makes are durable. The materials are either organic or from old stock of larger brands. The transport is all C02 neutral, and the garments are handmade in Amsterdam in Barbara’s workshop that runs on solar power.

The garments you’ll find in this online shop are all available in limited edition. Only a few sizes are in stock, most will be made on demand. Therefore, you will never bump into a woman wearing the same garment again. Our small scale manufacturing also ensures that the items in this shop will never be on sale. And, of course, it minimizes our waste and saves us money which keeps the garments reasonably priced.

BVDZ – Barbara van der Zanden
Derde Kostverlorenkade 34
1054TS Amsterdam
Company Registration Number 34344257
VAT Registration Number NL144938613B01